Principal Desk


Students come to school to study, to get education. But education is not mere literacy .There is a lot of difference between illiteracy and ignorance. A literate person can also be ignorant, that doesn’t mean we don’t want academic excellence in our students but we don’t want to limit our expectations to obsessiveness for grades i.e. we just don’t want ourselves to be satisfied by their academic grades only. We have to make our kids literate as well as knowledgeable.

We nurture the child from academic to dance, music , variety of sports. We focus on developing mental and physical abilities of our students, Now a days education means acquisition of knowledge kills, building character and improving learning ability of our students talent for their coming future for that we emphasized on learning because, “The beautiful thing about learning is that one can take it away from them.”

We SIS inculcate not only awareness for rights and duties, we make our students disciplined also because a successful person needs to follow discipline seriously so, our discipline learning for them non- negotiable factor for their all-around development.

We teach our students, “ Honesty and integrity be your second name.” We emphasized to our students about knowledge and learning as we know for successful life we need knowledge and learning is a process which never ends.

“ Intellectual growth should commence at birth and lease only at death." Our motto of Education is beautification of the inner world and outer world same I hope from my SIS students wish you all the SIS all the best and have a great future.

Poonam Tiwari
Principal of SIS