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Sushil International school situated in outskirts of South west Delhi’s Pandwala Kalan village of Najafgarh area is managed by Sushil Kumar Foundation. The school aims to provide such atmosphere and infrastructure facilities to students that they get chances to excel in their fields of interest and capacities in sports, arts, cultural and scientific areas. The students are encouraged to recognize their talents and then work on them up to their potential. As every child is different, so to meet their individual needs, school focuses on personalized teaching. For development of sense of morality and social awareness ethical literacy is also taught keeping pace with the demands of changing society. SIS integrates performing arts such as drama, music and dance into a academic curriculum. SIS emphasizes the promotion of social justice across the curriculum often with a focus on equality across race, class, ability, language, gender. SIS produces students personal and specific hope for the future. We make them empathize, critique, protect, inspire, understand with moral values and let them think about human interest and society to be a good and responsible citizen as well as great human being. SIS provide dynamic, progressive and liberal education to create our students socially and environmentally conscious. Main aim of SIS education by imparting character of thoroughness and freedom to create good human. “SIS main aim for student ,”not preparation for life for life itself”.

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