Examinations are an important part of Education process. We follow continuous evaluation system CBSE according to NCERT. Our objective is to provide a stress free evaluation system that helps the learners to improve.

There are 4 FA’s as unit test and 2 SA’s as conventional term exams.

The year will be divided in two terms 1st term is from April to September and 2nd term will be from October to March.

During Ist term i.e. from April to September Examination schedule is


10% + 10% + 20% = 40%

During 2nd term i.e. from October to March Examination schedule is

FA3 + FA4 + SA II

10% + 10% +40% = 60%

Besides studies students are assesed in behavior, attitude& other co-curricular activities and grades will be given according to all. FA’s and UT activities like presentations, HW , quiz and projects etc.

Promotion to the next class is based on the day to day work of students throughout the year and according to grades in exams. A minimum of C grade is required to be promoted.

A minimum of 70% attendance is necessary for promotion to next class.